Self-Guided Virtual Tours Including Museums, Historical Sites and City Tours

Click on the links below to start exploring! The link is the underlined letters and numbers below the description of the museum or site. Those of you with more computer confidence may wander around these sites at your leisure – some have much more to add if you can get around. My quick estimate is that just following the links below, there’s enough to read and see on these sites to last for years. Have fun!

Mount Vernon. You can navigate by hitting the arrow tabs in the lower right corner. For a full-page view, hit the box in the upper right corner.

The British Museum w/google. When you get to the site, there’s a brief show that settles down to a navigation page. Click on the topic on the right and use your mouse to go up & down the calendar. Hit a colored dot to see the artifact. Click on the X to return. Fabulous Site!

The Life Magazine Photo Archive. Literally millions of pictures. You can wander around for hours.

The Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland is a testament to the Olympic games. When you click on the link, scroll down the first page to pick where you want to go.

National Museum of American History has a collection sampler on its home page.

Other Smithsonian Museums. The other museums can be reached through this link

National Women’s History Museum. Scroll down the Homepage to explore the virtual exhibits.

Memorial hall Museum Online. Lots of links to early American New England History on the Homepage.

FDR Presidential Library & Museum. Follow links on this page to learn about FDR and his times.

American Battlefields. These 73 virtual tours cover battlefields from the revolution, 1812 and the recent unpleasantness (Civil War for you Yankees). All available from this link.

U.S. Holocaust Museum. Grim but interesting. The link takes you to the Homepage.

Virginia History. Great Site with Virginia history from every link on this page.

HistoryView VR. For those of you that are adventurous, this link takes you to an amazing site. For example, the last link on the right on the homepage takes you to a virtual tour of the Auckland Museum. WOW!!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – The part of the website on the link below allows you to click on a picture and get the story of literally hundreds of art works.  Explore more of the website, if you dare.

The Whitney Museum of Art is even crazier than the Met. You can use this link to access over 23,000 works of art and get information on them.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has an amazing virtual tour. When you click on the link below, your mouse will take you anywhere in the museum you want to go. You can even enlarge the descriptions of the exhibit for east reading.

The British Museum. Follow the link below and go down the page to visit selected items in more than 70 rooms in the gallery on four floors.

The Vatican Museum offers virtual tours of all its museums and collections if you follow the link. You can see the Sistine Chapel as never before.

The Louvre offers four virtual tours. Click on the link to go there.

The Guggenheim lets you explore its collection. Follow the link and curse down the page to see what you will.  Hint: You might want to start with “On View in New York” and click the red More on the right. When you’re done come back to the home page and keep exploring.

The Musee d’Orsay in Paris is delightful. From the link below, curse down the page and click on one of the six subjects starting with “Oil Paint. Come back when you’re done and visit “Canvas” and so on.

Kunsthistorisches – Vienna Museum of Art. One of the greatest in the world.

Hermitage – St. Petersburg. Need I say more? More of a challenge to navigate but worth the trouble.

Arts & Culture on Google. WOW!!! – How about links to a thousand museums everywhere in the world. Exploring this will last the rest of your life, no matter how long.

Bucket List Places

The Great Wall of China:

Taj Mahal:



Grant’s Tomb 😉:

  1. Everest:

Northern Lights:

Namib Desert Dunes:

The Pyramids:

Parks and Such

Take a Virtual Visit to a National Park:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. Virtual Underwater Dives:

Central Park. Indeed!


Try a Castle

Buckingham Palace:


Windsor Castle:

Holyroodhouse (Scotland):


Blarney Castle:



Iolani Palace Hawaii:

Hambach Castle, Germany:

Royal Palace of Caserta Italy:

Prague Castle:

Catherine Palace:



Linderhof Palace: